Paul Hoffman  

Sunset off Crickley Hill by Paul Hoffman

October 2020 - Sunset off Crickley Hill

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I have been all over the UK and sat ontop of most of the large hills and mountains and seen the wonderful views that you can see, that stirrs the heart trighs. I see all these wonderful views from you all from all over the world, but when I go and sit ontop of Crickley Hill which is part of the Cotswold hills and watch the sun set, my heart just melts. But I have never been able to capture it on camera. The view is so vast that you just don’t get the feel you get sitting there, this is just part of the view, the bright bit in the middle is the main road with the cars headlights, to the left is the city of Gloucester, in the distance you can see the Black Mountains in Wales and on a clear day you would also see the breacon beacons. If I did the other half you would have Cheltenham and GCHQ plus the Molvans. It is a wonderful place to sit and watch the sun set but is also a wonderful place to watch the dawn and all the low mist in the Autumn. Crickley Hill is a scheduled site and is an Iron Age fort, Roman Fort and prestoric site of national interest and is now owned by the National Trust.
Oneday I will get the perfect picture.
Sony A77 “ Sigma 18-35 DT F1.8 @ 20mm ISO100 1/10 f9.5 POL Tripod.
Genral adjustments in Lightroom and then in PS using TKV7.

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Bob Patrick   Bob Patrick
Nice one. I kind of want to lighten the foreground stuff a bit, but.....?   Posted: 10/07/2020 11:40:45

Dr Palash Nath   Dr Palash Nath
Nice wide angle image. Liked the sunset hues touching the horizon with the mountain tops. Just wondering if use of dehaze in lightroom could cut down some more haze in the horizon. I mean I would have just played with slider and see if that brings some nice changes or not. That said, overall this image really gives wings to my imagination.   Posted: 10/12/2020 22:10:27

Raymond Zurschmitten   Raymond Zurschmitten
Successful panorama photo with beautiful colors. The foreground gives the picture depth, the format fits and the clouds are beautiful. What bothers me a bit are the stripes in the sky, which are probably from airplanes. From experience I know that it depends on the weather and it is a matter of luck how long they stay in the sky.   Posted: 10/13/2020 10:09:10

Elizabeth Mangham   Elizabeth Mangham
What a fantastic spot to sit and meditate for hours. A great way to get away from this crazy world. The colors are complementary, soft, and lovely. You have nice foreground, med level interest and distance interest in the horizon. You might manage to cut a little of the upper sky to reduce the number of plane trails, but that is not a big deal to me when the trails are such a lovely color. Nice work.   Posted: 10/16/2020 21:57:50


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