Diana Magor, MPSA, APSA  

Lion portrait by Diana Magor, MPSA, APSA

February 2021 - Lion portrait

About the Image(s)

I took this in our local safari park in Knowsley which is in Liverpool. We were taken round in a jeep so we could get very close to the lions, but the lionesses were hiding in the long grass and the lions chose to sit on their constructed platforms and in quite dark areas. I did get some good shots of the lions but this one had part of the platform showing so I decided to give a very tight crop but leave some negative space in front. I have flipped it so the lion is looking towards the right and I cloned out a small bit of leaf caught up in his mane. I have sharpened it using a download from Jimmy McIntyre which allows you to resize and sharpen all in one action, so I am interested in what you think. I gave the whole a slight vignette .

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Russ Butler   Russ Butler
Oh what completion, after a meal or perhaps anticipating a meal is my thought. To me this image has a nice impact, some tension from the intentional stare & licking the lips. Focus is spot on. Also, the little vignette & tight crop makes this image interesting.

I like this image as is.   Posted: 02/04/2021 21:55:49
Diana Magor   Diana Magor
Thanks. I'm not sure whether it would do anything in competitions though. American salons like animal portraits but they don't usually work well anywhere else. Is this contrasty enough?   Posted: 02/05/2021 04:08:52
Russ Butler   Russ Butler
What I meant to say was contemplation with the look on this animals face. For me the contrast is just right. Is a nice capture...   Posted: 02/05/2021 17:08:08

Tom McCreary   Tom McCreary
Very sharp image, and I like the tongue action. I like the composition and the space in front. The vignette is good to concentrate on the face. I think that the contrast is good. Yes, you Europeans like to see more of the animal and the surroundings.   Posted: 02/06/2021 10:50:37

Stephen Levitas   Stephen Levitas
I very much like the tight crop. I think that makes this unique. Also the perfect profile.   Posted: 02/10/2021 16:01:48

Wes Odell   Wes Odell
The eye, the tongue, and the whiskers, show real craftswomanship in this photo. to my eye, it's more than the usual Zoo headshot of an animal. You've shown some "gesture" to the animal.
The vignette is just right, too.
Very well done.   Posted: 02/12/2021 16:12:48

Lynne Hollingsworth   Lynne Hollingsworth
I really like this image. The detail in the fur on her face and her tongue is very nicely done. You might want to up the contrast just a bit, but it doesn't need much. This would do extremely well over here particularly because there's "action" with the tongue. Nicely done.   Posted: 02/14/2021 10:31:23
Diana Magor   Diana Magor
OK I have upped the contrast a small amount as I have just entered a British comp to see how it does here.   Posted: 02/14/2021 12:47:07