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Time trials by Gloria Fine

October 2019 - Time trials

October 2019 - Gloria Fine


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The photo was taken at the Biking Society “Time Trials” and it passed the building where I live. I positioned myself where I would get the bikers as they made the turn to go down a hill and up “monkey hill” The time was 5 o’clock in the evening but it was summer time so I didn’t have to worry too much about the lighting. I used my Rokinon f/2 mm lens on my Sony A6300. Metadata doesn’t come through. I was very conscious of making sure the shutter speed would handle the speed of the bikers. While I found the colors of the biker ”flashy”, I feel the black and white rendition shows off the biker’s muscles, his relationship with his bike. In editing I made sure it was not too grainy.

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Stephen Levitas   Stephen Levitas
Nice shot, especially that you got one leg fully extended. Your frame is a little tight on the top, so I would suggest cropping a bit off the bottom, say to remove that bit of white line or curb. Maybe also brighten his face a bit, as it appears brighter in the original, and I think that works well.   Posted: 10/01/2019 20:36:38

Gloria Fine   Gloria Fine
Thanks for your critique. When I get a chance I'll work on using your suggestions.   Posted: 10/01/2019 20:56:34

Diana Magor   Diana Magor
I tend to agree with Stephen here. The framing is too tight at the top, when you've got so much space at the bottom. Cropping the bottom would make the shot more dynamic. The face has gone a bit dark in the mono.
The mono is much better than the colour, which comes across as fairly ordinary. However, it's better than I've ever managed as I'm not really good at sports photos.   Posted: 10/10/2019 06:38:58

Gloria Fine   Gloria Fine
Thanks Diana for your critique. I definitely will take your suggestions at heart. Gloria   Posted: 10/12/2019 17:26:42

Jennifer Doerrie   Jennifer Doerrie
I agree that you did a nice job of timing this image to capture the rider in a flattering body position as he is making the turn. As others already commented, I, too, felt the monochrome image would benefit from being brighter. I tried adjusting it quickly with shadows/highlights, then selecting out and darkening the wall and bushes in the background. What do you think? Did that help, or is it too bright now?   Posted: 10/13/2019 00:34:44
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Gloria Fine   Gloria Fine
Jennifer, I think it looks terrific. Thanks so much. Will try it myself when I get a chance.   Posted: 10/13/2019 00:38:55

Tom McCreary   Tom McCreary
The angle of the rider is really good. Also, you have his face in the image which is important for sport type images. The color image has too many colors in it. Conversion to mono helps it. I do like what Jennifer did with the image.   Posted: 10/13/2019 13:23:29

Gloria Fine   Gloria Fine
Thanks Tom!   Posted: 10/13/2019 14:40:57