Jennifer Doerrie  

Red-Shouldered Hawk Calling by Jennifer Doerrie

August 2019 - Red-Shouldered Hawk Calling

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Red-Shouldered Hawk Calling

Canon 70D and 100-400 mm lens at 400 (as subject was in the top of a dead tree)
ISO 100 (although I likely had it set on auto)
+ 0.3 exposure compensation

This is a photo taken in June at the Orlando Wetlands, just outside Orlando, Florida. My husband and I were surprised at the number and variety of birds we saw in spite of being in Florida during the low season for observing birds. I think this particular hawk was calling to a mate, as it repeated the call several times. I really didn't do much to the photo apart from the monochrome conversion and some contrast adjustments, as the sky was already a bright gray/white in the original image. There still seems to me to be something a bit unnatural about a wildlife subject on an all white background, though. Should I disregard that feeling since I would be entering this version in monochrome rather than nature competition anyway, or should I try to find a better background for this image?


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