Ed Ries  

Lonesome Sentinel by Ed Ries

January 2020 - Lonesome Sentinel

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Technical: Canon EOS 5DS, f22, 1/10 sec at ISO 200, 24-70mm lens at 70mm. What caught my attention as I drove by was the single tree on the hill with this interesting fence leading up to it. I di a lot of processing and not sure if my sequence of steps was the best. The sky was difficult to emphasize the cloud formations. I ended up with a lot of noise in the clouds so I isolated them and applied the Topaz AI noise filter. That seemed to work.

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John Gilkerson   John Gilkerson
The tree is very attractive and perfectly placed in the frame.
The fence is interesting and seems to me to be typically American.
Also the diagonal of the fence is very effective and intriguing as it disappears over the hill.

I also like the little break in the otherwise perfect fence!

You have actually done a good job on the sky.
I often find my sky ends up with too much noise which can be a pain to correct,
so your approach is of interest.   Posted: 01/08/2020 17:29:52

Peter Clark   Peter Clark
Ed - this image reminds me of a similar composition which you posted some time ago and IMHO this one is superior.

Great composition with the fence running diagonally across the image leading the eye to the attractively shaped tree. Well processed and your efforts on the sky have paid off - the clouds are just right!   Posted: 01/09/2020 06:14:35

Ella Schreiber   Ella Schreiber
Hi Ed: I like your composition very much.. great leading line with the fence to the lone tree. This is a perfect example of when less is more. Great job!   Posted: 01/09/2020 20:18:27

Ian Chantler   Ian Chantler
Hi Ed
I can only echo the other group members comments fantastic image that so works for me the tree ideally placed the fence really holds your attention and takes you straight to that wonderful tree I love the way the fence then disappears over the crest of the rise that is a great touch and the title sits so well with the image a very well thought out and presented image.   Posted: 01/13/2020 16:23:33

Paul Roth   Paul Roth
Ed as mentioned earlier, very well done image. The composition, and post processing very well done.   Posted: 01/18/2020 17:52:17