Ella Schreiber, QPSA, APSA  

Torre del Paine by Ella Schreiber, QPSA, APSA

January 2020 - Torre del Paine

About the Image(s)

This is an image taken Torre del Paine National Park this past November/December. An iconic view over a small lake. CC camera, M, 1/400, F 18, ISO 320. In post camera processing converted to mono using an adjustment layer, sharpened and dodged some of the clouds, added a 2 pix stroke, an called it done.

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John Gilkerson   John Gilkerson
A super landscape and I like the bushes in the foreground.
I rather like the way the light and dark of the sky matches that of the mountains.
The rather featureless area between the bushes and the foothills actually adds quite a lot to the image. A nice contrast between that area and the other areas.

The addition of a stroke is very effective; perhaps I should start doing that.   Posted: 01/08/2020 16:36:35

Ella Schreiber   Ella Schreiber
Hi John: Thank you for your feedback... the distances are farther than we think and difficult to get details. We were lucky with the clouds and only had rain one morning in a month long visit.   Posted: 01/08/2020 18:02:01

Peter Clark   Peter Clark
Hi Ella - I'm a little envious here! Patagonia has always been on my bucket list, but a trip there is rather unlikely due to cost considerations.

The mountains have real drama especially with the heavy sky and the balance of light and shade in the foothills is about right in my eyes.

The inclusion of the foliage gives a good base to the image, but I am in two minds as to the inclusion of the taller bush at the left of the frame. In some ways it is over dominant.

And if I may respectfully point out the sharpening halos on this bush where it is set against the water. So easy to remove.   Posted: 01/09/2020 05:28:33
Ella Schreiber   Ella Schreiber
Hi Peter: Eagle eyes! Thank you... I did not even notice the halos... and, as you said... easy to remove. Thanks again   Posted: 01/09/2020 19:16:54

Ed Ries
Very appealing. The foreground helps with perspective and scale. I like the light and shadow on the mountains showing their ruggedness. Although its just a matter op personal preference I might have reduced the prominence of the fore ground bush a bit. It certainly adds depth. The very top of the bush somewhat obscures the beautiful mountain. I might have tried to clone that top flower out. Would I have succeeded?   Posted: 01/10/2020 15:28:58
Ella Schreiber   Ella Schreiber
Hi Ed... thanks for your feedback... I shot a number of pix at this location without much foreground....However, as you indicated, it does add scale... these landscapes have unbelievably long distances, and would guess what we are looking at is at least 8 miles or more in the distance.   Posted: 01/10/2020 18:10:33

Ian Chantler   Ian Chantler
Hi Ella
I was in on the secret of your visit and have been so keen to see the results of our trip from this image it looks like you made the most of your visit the composition for me is spot on tonally superb the left hand bush does cut in a bit but also it seems to my eye to blend in rather well the enormity of the mountain range is superbly captured and represented in this image and the sky just adds that extra drama I can't wait to see more from this trip of a lifetime.   Posted: 01/16/2020 14:41:26

Paul Roth   Paul Roth
Ella its a very magical place. The mountains are incredible there. I would agree with Peter about the foreground being somewhat over sharpened. When I enlarged the mountains, I got the impression that they were not really in sharp focus. That maybe do the the size of the jpg, I am not sure.   Posted: 01/18/2020 21:30:28