Rashid Galiev  

Silence by Rashid Galiev

December 2017 - Silence

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Subject matter - abstract forms of environment.The effect that i trying to achieve - fragmentation of space, arrays.

What steps did you take in Photoshop or your chosen editing software or app? - Photographed originally on Canon 5D MKII. Cropping and basic editing in lightroom: contrast, sharpness a black-and-white conversion.

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Ella Schreiber   Ella Schreiber
Hi Rashid: I like your image of abstract forms in the environment. Rather than trying to give you a long convoluted description of what I might do if this were my image, I took the liberty of just doing it.   Posted: 12/08/2017 08:19:42
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Rashid Galiev   Rashid Galiev
Ella, thanks for the suggested option. I certainly want to leave part of the second window in the arch, as it is a tonal roll call for forms.   Posted: 12/24/2017 09:25:35

John Gilkerson   John Gilkerson
Well seen subject.
The composition is very well selected.
I feel that more contrast could help the image.   Posted: 12/11/2017 12:18:50
Rashid Galiev   Rashid Galiev

Thanks for your feedback. I also have this feeling about contrast. I think about it. )))   Posted: 12/24/2017 09:27:10

Ian Chantler   Ian Chantler
Hi Rashid
I like shapes in pictures so this sits very well with me and well seen and composed I did think it looked a little flat and love what Ella has done with it,its a simple image and one I find pleasing to the eye.   Posted: 12/13/2017 16:30:35
Rashid Galiev   Rashid Galiev
Ian, thanks!

I take into account the suggestions and think about them.   Posted: 12/24/2017 09:28:06

Peter Clark   Peter Clark
Rashid - your image certainly fulfills your brief of abstract forms in the environment, but I regret that it does not appeal to me at all. My apologies, but I find it very bland and uninteresting.   Posted: 12/19/2017 09:45:58
Rashid Galiev   Rashid Galiev
Hi, Peter!

It's okay, all your opinions are very important to me. I just put this picture here for this.   Posted: 12/24/2017 09:29:32

Paul Roth   Paul Roth
An interesting photo Rashid. I very much like Ella's changes.   Posted: 12/24/2017 09:19:33
Rashid Galiev   Rashid Galiev
Paul, thanks for your feedback!   Posted: 12/24/2017 09:30:15