Dorinda Wills  

Dandelion Patterns by Dorinda Wills

June 2020 - Dandelion Patterns

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Like others I have been following online, I tried my hand at photographing dandelions. This one I shot indoors, window light, 105 mm macro, f 5.0. I recently got Luminar and did most of the processing using that.

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Robert Schleif   Robert Schleif
I just looked up Luminar. The examples that it shows on its web site are amazing. How do the substitutions of parts of one image for another look at higher resolution?
Your dandelion looks great. Did Luminar do something that you couldn't do in PS, or was it just quicker and easier?   Posted: 06/03/2020 14:01:13
Dorinda Wills   Dorinda Wills
Robert thank you for your comment. As far as Luminar, yes, the substitutions look very good at high resolution. We have some camera club friends who have been using it very successfully. The reason I made adjustments in Luminar (but no substitutions) was because I wanted to experiment with the program, plus it's pretty quick. Just as an aside, my husband, Bob, has a subscription to Blake Rudis' f64. Blake is an outstanding instructor. We've been takinig his PS 30 Day Mastery course together. If anyone is interested in learning PS, I highly recommend this. He starts with total basics and builds from there.   Posted: 06/03/2020 21:30:16

Judy Merson   Judy Merson
A beautiful sharp capture of the dandelion "fluff" I like the abstract quality of the image. The green areas make the image more interesting for me
In looking up what these are called I found out that the centers are actually fruits not just seeds! One can learn something new every day   Posted: 06/03/2020 18:54:09
Dorinda Wills   Dorinda Wills
Thank you Judy. I'm with you. I learn a lot of things from photography that have nothing to do with photograph!
  Posted: 06/03/2020 21:30:55

Jon Joyce   Jon Joyce
Quite an arresting image, Dorinda. I still am not sure what I am looking at. The seeds I recogize, but I am missing the whole. PS I agree withy you re Blake's instructional talent having watched several of his tutorials on On1 subjects.   Posted: 06/05/2020 13:10:49
Dorinda Wills   Dorinda Wills
The intent was to photograph the patterns and colors rather than an identifiable subject. We've watched various photography instructors and I think Blake is the most knowledgeable and has the best instructional technique of any for photoprocessing.
  Posted: 06/05/2020 14:48:45

Tom Carnahan   Tom Carnahan
Lovely photograph. You composition and vinyetting around the perimiter keep the dyd on the center and do not wander off of the edge. Did you use any artificial light or just used the existing conditions. Th foreground sharpness is excellent .. Hang your pring in a prominent place.   Posted: 06/06/2020 06:18:48
Dorinda Wills   Dorinda Wills
Thank you Tom. I took this indoors using window light, but I think I also added a little bit of light from a small Lume cube.   Posted: 06/11/2020 14:10:34

Leonid Shectman   Leonid Shectman
Beautiful, sharp image, love it   Posted: 06/07/2020 13:50:15

Jessica Manelis   Jessica Manelis
This is a great image! You really got the lines of the dandelion very crisp and I like the color you achieved as well. I like how the lines from the dandelion seem to dance around the image. Taking the shot indoors was the move. No wind!!   Posted: 06/11/2020 13:55:20