Leonid Shectman  

Moon by Leonid Shectman

January 2020 - Moon

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I took this picture in the beginning of December on 10th, from the restaurant in Montesito, CA near Santa Barbara. It was a time when the moon was the largest. I use photoshop to adjust it.

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Robert Schleif   Robert Schleif
The wall, trees, and roof are all very nice, and the dark illumination is also most pleasing. The presence of the severely oversized moon sharply reduces my liking of the full image due to its lack of naturalness. In order for the moon to have naturally looked this size, the shot would have had to have been taken from a location 200 feet back from the wall with a 500 mm focal length lens, but in that case, the stones and roof would have been unnaturally foreshortened. I much prefer photographs that are records of things natural, or at least look as though they could have been natural, but I understand that some people quite like such fantasy "photographs".   Posted: 01/02/2020 14:25:06

Dorinda Wills   Dorinda Wills
I looked at this image and went "wow"! I showed it to my husband and he had a similar response. The large moon does not disturb me at all. You didn't say if this is a composite, but if it is it is very well done. The color tones are perfect in my opinion. One small suggestion, I would clone out the building just below the moon. Wonderful!
  Posted: 01/02/2020 15:06:26

Tom Carnahan   Tom Carnahan
Your photo has good impact but there is a lot to take in besides the moon. Maybe takong a lower angle to use the stone fence to block out the greater part of the home etc. andor take a photo with out the stone fence to minimizr the hroof and shrubs. Good capture.   Posted: 01/11/2020 14:18:46

Judy Merson   Judy Merson
Definitely an eye stopping image Nice and sharp I agree that the building detracts I agree with Dorinda Perhaps black and white would make the surrounding items less distracting   Posted: 01/12/2020 14:28:20

Jessica Manelis   Jessica Manelis
This is striking, but with respect to Robert mentioned, I think the size of the moon would be better and look more natural if it appeared to not be blocking some of the branches of the tree. Is there any way you can fix that?   Posted: 01/14/2020 11:22:34

Jon Joyce   Jon Joyce
Great shot, Leonid. I love the central subject, beautifully framed by the branches of the trees. I felt, as others have commented, on the extraneous foliage on the left of the frame and the rock wall and roof line below. Cropped at the "V" of the left hand tree and the upper line of the rock wall and including the illuminated green foliage below the moon would establish a foreground for an excellent photograph.   Posted: 01/25/2020 21:26:35