Tom Carnahan  

Dinner at 6:30 pm by Tom Carnahan

October 2019 - Dinner at 6:30 pm

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Sloshing through the low tide water of Ft DeSoto close to sundown would usually yield some waders looking for a meal. This Tri Colored Heron snagged a shrimp while my shoes were being sucked off of me feet by the ankle deep muck. The lagoon was a great to photograph shore birds. This photo was captured at 1/640, ISO 250, f/9 and the lens set at 400 mm. The sun was close to setting and provided a warm glow on the bird which would be more gray in midday light.

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Dorinda Wills   Dorinda Wills
This image has everything you want. It shows the bird having its meal in it's mouth, the evening light enhances the subject and reveals its subtle colored feathers. We also get some detail in the feathers. We also see the red detail around it's eye and the little white feathers lifted on the back of it's head. The reflection adds even more interest. Your crop is good. Well done! (Sorry about your shoes!)   Posted: 10/06/2019 16:05:50

Leonid Shectman   Leonid Shectman
Great capture, great timing nice sharp picture, wish water would more still.   Posted: 10/07/2019 17:30:20

Judy Merson   Judy Merson
Nice sharp capture of the tricolor with the fish Nice warm sunset colors I like the movement in the water with the reflection. A little more room above his head in the reflection would have been nice.   Posted: 10/09/2019 12:06:53

Jon Joyce   Jon Joyce
Great shot, Tom. Your wading bird shots have been just great and this one is no exception. I love the sharpness of the image and the timing of the capture - both yours and his! Make no changes!   Posted: 10/17/2019 17:43:15

Jessica Manelis   Jessica Manelis
Great image. The composition works well and you know exactly what is going on. I like the reflection of the bird as well. I like how the bird pops against the background as well.   Posted: 10/21/2019 04:57:24