Bob Wills  

Palouse Autumn by Bob Wills

June 2020 - Palouse Autumn

About the Image(s)

I took this image from Steptoe Butte. I just soaked up the view from this level, and then tried to capture different area of this gorgeous part of Eastern Washington. I made some tonal adjustments then cropped it in Photoshop.

Fuji X-T2, FX 50-140 f2.8 lens @ 140 mm, 1/800 sec @ f5.0, ISO 200, Tripod mounted.

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Bob Legg   Bob Legg
Well done Bob. You certainly captured the topography of this Palouse farming region with your capture during the golden hour bringing out the details in the land. Fantastic texture and lighting even in shaded areas.
Get Well.   Posted: 06/09/2020 22:02:17

Karen Harris   Karen Harris
Wow, what beautiful lines and color. The one thing that is a little distracting for me is the dark strip horizontally right through the middle of the image. But I guess if that shadow weren't there, the rest of the image wouldn't be so beautiful. Hard to know.   Posted: 06/10/2020 11:45:23

Judy Burr   Judy Burr
This is such a beautiful area and is too hard to cover it all! Steptoe is a great spot, but I didn't get there last year. One could shoot from Steptoe with many views. You didn't say what time of day you took this, but I thought it was best in morning. The colors are nice, but seem a bit oversaurated to me--but then I am thinking as a PT person:-). I like the tonal variation and placement of the building. The dark area doesn't bother me as it is part of the variation of the area.   Posted: 06/13/2020 09:53:32

Stephan Debelle   Stephan Debelle
Gorgeous landscape shot! I tend to agree with Judy and perhaps I would lower the saturation on the foreground part. The darker area does not bother me, I think it makes it more dramatic and natural. Perhaps I would remove the few small antennas. Great shot!   Posted: 06/13/2020 15:28:39

Bill Foy   Bill Foy
I went to Steptoe last year during the Conference and the wind was blowing so hard I was afraid to get near the edge. It is a great spot from which to see and photograph the Palouse.
I like the image but agree with the comments about saturation. I'm not bothered by the shaded area. Looks like late afternoon sun?   Posted: 06/14/2020 12:23:48

Bob Legg   Bob Legg
I'm with you Bob on the saturation. Just like the Velvia slides you probably shot in the late 90's. I tell people that my DSLR has Velvia film inside.   Posted: 06/14/2020 16:07:36

Tam Phan   Tam Phan
I had been there two times ,but I never have the gorgeous color like your.
Very nice picture.Your picture makes me missing my country...   Posted: 06/18/2020 15:32:15