Steve Jacobs  

Wind Chill of -19 by Steve Jacobs

February 2021 - Wind Chill of -19

February 2021 - Steve Jacobs


About the Image(s)

This was taken this summer, With the snow coming down and a wind-chill of -19 need some summer feel

This is mostly out SOC, cropped it, converted to B & W, made sure the black and the white points were just short of clipping. Did it all in LR.

Tech Stuff

Nikon Z6


16-35mm f 4.0 Nikkor


30sec f5.0

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Deborah Milburn   Deborah Milburn
Love the black and white. It is a statement piece. Beautiful!   Posted: 02/14/2021 11:31:44
Steve Jacobs   Steve Jacobs
Deborah Thank you   Posted: 02/15/2021 09:29:54

Wanda Krack   Wanda Krack
Wow, minimalistic for sure! So peaceful looking. I actually like the colors in the original better than the b&w, although the b&w gives a wonderful range of gradients. Thanks for giving us some 'summer fun'!   Posted: 02/15/2021 03:40:43
Steve Jacobs   Steve Jacobs
Wanda, Thank you . I agree with you I like both I have them both printed and in different rooms in our home.   Posted: 02/15/2021 09:31:07

Marti Buckely   Marti Buckely
(Group 22)
Nice work. I like the angle of the piers heading to the horizon. I agree with Wanda about the colors in the original. To me, that matches the title better. The blue is soooo cold looking. The black and white is good as well but somehow I felt warmer than the title led me to believe. :) I wished I lived in a place where we could see the stars. Guess I need to drive out farther.   Posted: 02/15/2021 17:27:04
Steve Jacobs   Steve Jacobs
Marti, Thank you for your comments. I too like the color one. This was taken about 11:30pm in North west Minnesota, at our cabin. I don't get to see the stars that well at my home.   Posted: 02/18/2021 19:49:03

Kathy Brand   Kathy Brand
I like the minimalist feel of your picture and prefer it to the color version. I love LR mainly for the fact that you can enhance most of your pictures just in LR and not go to PS.   Posted: 02/18/2021 14:13:11
Steve Jacobs   Steve Jacobs
Kathy, Thank you I do love light room . but I do have to learn some PS.   Posted: 02/18/2021 19:49:55

Sheila Burke-Grey   Sheila Burke-Grey
Steve, I like this for sure, in BW. I can picture it on a big wall! Great perspective! Well done, Steve!   Posted: 02/18/2021 17:37:55
Steve Jacobs   Steve Jacobs
Sheila, Thank you. I do have a 3x4 ft photo on my wall   Posted: 02/18/2021 19:50:56

Tom Johnson   Tom Johnson
Very processional image. Love it. This is a wall hanger. Great job Steve. Love the dramatic effect.   Posted: 02/28/2021 21:45:58