Tom Johnson  

Old Mill-OIL paint on canvas by Tom Johnson

September 2020 - Old Mill-OIL paint on canvas

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Stop in West Virginia after photo a photo trip to Gatlinburg Tennessee in Fall of 2018. I have to confess, I called in sick that day to work to get this gorgeous setting. This is the famous Gist mill in West Virginia. I wanted to make this a creative image.

Here is my settings in PS-POST:

Go to filter-Filter Gallery. Then distort-glass (distortion 10,smoothness 15, Texture-canvass & scaling 100).
Go to filter-Filter gallary. Then Artistic-poster edges (edge thickness 0, edge intensity 2, polarization 6)
Go to filter-filter gallery. Then stylize to oil paint (stylization 10, cleanliness 1.7, scale size .89 and bistle detail 10, angular direction 300-please see where your light is coming from and base it on the circular dial.) & shine 1.7).

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Sharon Prislipsky   Sharon Prislipsky
(Groups 35 & 52)
I am just wondering through from Groups 35 and 52. The Glade Creek Mill is a favorite subject of mine. You are lucky to have gotten there when there was a good flow of water and apparently not a lot of other photographers getting into your scene. In my opinion you have achieved your goal of creating alternative reality with this effect. It really distorts the structure, and I find that a little disconcerting, but the color is good and I like the way you emphasized the foreground.   Posted: 09/13/2020 16:15:00

Kathy Brand   Kathy Brand
I like the way your post processing turned out. Thank you, too, for the very good details on how you did it. I'll save that info and try it on some of my pics.   Posted: 09/17/2020 18:10:30


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