Wanda Krack  

One early Morning in JULY by Wanda Krack

August 2020 - One early Morning in JULY

About the Image(s)

I was surprised to look outside one morning in July to discover the weather was soggy with fog. Grabbing the camera, wet boots, and an extra card, I took off searching for the usual things, wet webs, dew on blossoms, etc. As I was shooting, the sun started coming through the trees, and here is one of the better shots of the sun rays, which are special to me. I then shot them until the fog disapated!

Camera settings: 1/350th, F 10, Iso 100, focal length 190mm. Spot metering, shot 07/13/2020.

Processed...........CR minor adjustments, PS, some mid tone dodge, topaz details 2, soft, back into ps and sharpened and resized.


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