Deborah Milburn  

Ada Jane by Deborah Milburn

May 2020 - Ada Jane

May 2020 - Deborah Milburn


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I really enjoy portraits. I am trying to be more comfortable in the photo shoot. I am never sure of the directions I should be giving my model.

This photoshoot was with my granddaughter, Ada Jane. She was very cooperative. I wanted to create a very dramatic look. I shot this at f5, 1/160 and 73mm. I did minor adjustments in lightroom and finished with the black and white from Topaz.

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Wanda Krack   Wanda Krack
I like the details that are present in the black and white. It's ok that the hat is somewhat blown, which tends to give it less importance. The eyes are most impressive, and the dark background helps them to be a prominent feature. The original would not show on my computer, but from looking at the thumbnail, I like them both. The head is slightly tilted, giving shape to her lovely chin. I like the crop, and my only suggestion would be to push the hair that is on her face over to join the rest of her hair on the right. I think that you are successful in creating a rather dramatic portrait.   Posted: 05/13/2020 17:46:29

Deborah Milburn   Deborah Milburn
Many thanks - I appreciate your insight   Posted: 05/13/2020 20:14:33

Kathy Brand   Kathy Brand
I like her pose and the sharpness of her face and hair. I agree with Wanda's comment about pushing the hair on her face back the next time. In post processing, you might be able to give more contrast to the BW which I feel would help.   Posted: 05/15/2020 20:20:25

Sheila Burke-Grey   Sheila Burke-Grey
Deborah, I do like the BW topaz filter! I hope you don't mind but she looks like Drew Barrymore! Her eyes are so expressive and the filter enhances them. Well done!   Posted: 05/26/2020 17:11:28

Deborah Milburn   Deborah Milburn
Thanks so much. She is so pretty and fun to photograph!   Posted: 05/26/2020 18:36:33

Steve Jacobs   Steve Jacobs
Deborah, Nice and sharp face I always look at the eye lashes to see if I can count them, I can. I like the little hair on the face here with the brim if the hat being up on that side kind of gives it a breezy natural look....just my thoughts Nice work.   Posted: 05/27/2020 08:43:24


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