Deborah Milburn  

Chena Hot Springs by Deborah Milburn

January 2020 - Chena Hot Springs

January 2020 - Deborah Milburn


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I was at Chena Hot Springs outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. There was a ice museum. I shot this image at f11, 1/90 67mm. I decided to submit this image for the feedback of the processing. You can see the before and after

I put a snow texture background to bring out the ice sculptures. I wanted the black and white to be the emphasis.

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Kathy Brand   Kathy Brand
I like what you did and especially the faint touches of pink and blue. How did you eliminate all the textured background which is distracting.   Posted: 01/11/2020 17:53:00
Deborah Milburn   Deborah Milburn
It was reversed as to original to processed. Look again. Many thanks for the comments.   Posted: 01/12/2020 19:01:05

Wanda Krack   Wanda Krack
I like the before image better than the after. Perhaps it's because of the darker background, giving more contrast? I think the snow falling in the original is nice and perhaps gives the image the feeling of coldness? In your edited image, you might consider selectively darkening the background behind the globes? Interesting image to work with for sure.   Posted: 01/12/2020 05:16:19
Deborah Milburn   Deborah Milburn
Look again. It was reversed. Thanks for your insight.   Posted: 01/12/2020 18:59:28

Steve Jacobs   Steve Jacobs
Two different images. The original is more of an out cold feel which I like a lot. The second is more out of this world what is that I am seeing type. Keep them both!   Posted: 01/12/2020 09:46:59
Deborah Milburn   Deborah Milburn
Look again. It was reversed. Thanks for the comments. I submitted it because it is so different.   Posted: 01/12/2020 19:00:20

Tom Johnson   Tom Johnson
Hi Deb-

Nice mono effect of the snow with the ice sculptures. The only improvement that I would made would be to narrow the crop to the 3 globes to the right because they have more of a different shape and 3 is always a better number for the compositional effect.   Posted: 01/12/2020 18:41:27
Deborah Milburn   Deborah Milburn
Thanks for the comment. I see what you are saying. Also, thanks for changing.   Posted: 01/12/2020 18:59:02
Tom Johnson   Tom Johnson
To me, this view looks nicer.   Posted: 01/12/2020 20:26:52
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Deborah Milburn   Deborah Milburn
I agree. Many thanks   Posted: 01/12/2020 22:02:09