Wanda Krack  

Halloween Abstract by Wanda Krack

October 2019 - Halloween Abstract

October 2019 - Wanda Krack


About the Image(s)

I have been doing some experimenting with ps recently, and since I have a family member whose birthday falls on Halloween, I decided to send him a humorous card this year. The shot was taken at night, on a lake, timed exposure of burning steel wool. The reason I choose this image is because this is halloween month, and I am not usually much of an 'experimenter', so any time I do venture into the 'not natural', I can use the critique!

Camera settings: f-11, 1.5 sec., ISO 900, center weighted metering, auto WB at 68mm, on tripod.

A few adjustments in CR of exposure and noise removal, and in PS, cropped, rotated, cloned lights and extended the white line, duplicated layer, selected the corner with the trees, got it in place and burned the lights a little on the reflection side. Flattened and resized.


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