Jan van Leijenhorst  

Pink Orchid by Jan van Leijenhorst

March 2020 - Pink Orchid

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This is one of the (many) photographs I took at the annual orchid show at the Chicago Botanic Garden.
I experimented with close ups as I think that brings out the beauty of these flowers more prominently than group shots.

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Jon Allanson   Jon Allanson
I agree with you that often shots of an orchid group do not always convey their beauty. I really like your close up as it shows good detail in the centre of the bloom, and the rear petals then create an good background. I am not sure whether the inclusion of the tops of the petals at the top of the frame would be better cropped off.   Posted: 03/12/2020 10:20:12

Danny Dunne   Danny Dunne
This is a soft and mellow shot that captures the softness and texture. The limited colours add to the feel. I feel it is very noisy, though this is effective in creating the softness.   Posted: 03/13/2020 06:17:14

Lauren Heerschap   Lauren Heerschap
I love orchids, they last so long and they have so many varieties of colors and shapes. I'm not sure that the "noise" is more "Texture" but I like the softness. I would leave the round tops of the petals, they echo the pattern of the shape of the flower. I would crop up from the bottom because there is an out of focus dark purple center in the middle of the flower that is behind this one.   Posted: 03/14/2020 19:40:47

Becca Cambridge   Becca Cambridge
Close up of orchids definitely show off their beauty. The "noise" is the actual texture of the petals.
I like the added subtle border.
Not sure but this looks off centered to me. Maybe it is the bottom which should be cropped like Lauren suggested.
Did you do a white vignette or is that the orchid's coloring? If it was a vignette, I might pull it in to make it a little more uniform...or not.
Pretty photo of a pretty subject. Bet it was a lovely adventure.
  Posted: 03/15/2020 12:28:19

Brad Ashbrook   Brad Ashbrook
The colors are lovely and the center is very sharp. I would probably crop down from the top to remove those areas since they don't add anything.   Posted: 03/19/2020 16:19:23

Renee Schaefer   Renee Schaefer
I love the soft colors. I also wish something was tack sharp. I would also like to see more of the orchid petals.   Posted: 03/19/2020 18:55:11
Jan van Leijenhorst   Jan van Leijenhorst
I think the main area is tack sharp. Isn't it?   Posted: 03/19/2020 19:03:09

Renee Schaefer   Renee Schaefer
Maybe, but the noise or texture makes it seem a little fuzzy.   Posted: 03/19/2020 21:12:38


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