Becca Cambridge

Becca Cambridge

My father was an optometrist. Being an optometrist meant dad introduced my brother, myself and the neighborhood kids to anything with a lens. This included dad's handmade lens telescope and multiple cameras. Dad must have placed a Brownie camera in my hand at birth. Like most kids, I rejected all his attempts at influencing me.

It wasn't until the early seventies while working on my master's in special education that I started to discover photography. I cannot remember the camera type, lens or settings I used. Mostly, I shot black and white which I developed in my bathroom. Of course, dad provided me with the enlarger.

From the seventies until the turn of the century, photography was not a priority. The priority became meeting the needs of educating kids. Those needs were met in a variety of ways from teaching, coordinating special education case conferences, directing a special needs infant/toddler program to high school counseling.

With retirement in 2013, my focus could return to photography. Currently, I use a Panasonic Lumix GH4 camera with my _go to_ 14-140 variable Lumix lens. For fun shots, I have a waterproof Nikon W300 underwater point and shoot. When reminded, I use my tripod or a Pladypod. Post-processing can occur in whatever I feel at the time: Lightroom, Corel Paintshop Pro, Photodirector 8, EasyHDR, SmartPhotoEditor, Snapseed and the Nik collection. I will continue to use Nik & Snapseed until they become dysfunctional. Sadly, they will become dysfunctional.

Photographic interests include macro/close up flowers, beautiful landscapes and water in all forms. I am driven however by two activities. First, I like meeting new people with the same interests. Second, I like going on Saturday or nighttime photo adventures with some of my jovial club members.

I belong to the Bloomington Photography Club in Bloomington, Indiana. The club offers some educational presentations, photo shares and a yearly gallery competition. There is no discussion on photos which is why I am interested in feedback. I have absolutely no idea what makes a competitive photograph. Therefore, I find selecting submissions challenging. I look forward to learning this skill.