Jose Cartas  

Rainbow and Boat by Jose Cartas

April 2021 - Rainbow and Boat

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Photo taken in Barbados, where I was for work. While having breakfast (7:00 a.m.) on the balcony of my hotel room, I saw the rainbow and went inside to pick up my camera. When I came back, the boat was on the scene. However, when I took the picture, it was just a little past the rainbow, so in post-processing I moved it back to this spot. Technical specifications: 200mm. lens, 1/2000 sec. at f/8.0, ISO 800, handheld.

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Bob Rosenberg   Bob Rosenberg
There was a pot of gold in the water right there. Some boaters really scored. :)   Posted: 04/04/2021 12:12:27

Tony Au Yeong   Tony Au Yeong
I think you have really caught the end of a rainbow. A beautiful image. I am just wondering if moving the boat further back will sublime the viewer's hope. It is interesting to see that the blue colour of the sea has 2 tonality.   Posted: 04/07/2021 02:35:41

Bob Benson   Bob Benson
Having managed to catch a few rainbows in the past, I am impressed with the tonality and color range you got on your rainbow. I agree with Tony; since you moved the boat, maybe look at positioning it back a little more.   Posted: 04/07/2021 10:36:02

Mervyn Hurwitz   Mervyn Hurwitz
A simple image that works so well. I like your vertical presentation, and the boat adds the spot of gold!   Posted: 04/07/2021 11:11:24

Belinda Hudnall Keller   Belinda Hudnall Keller
The boat was secondary to the original scene but became serendipitous! It adds extra interest. Placed as it is, I think the boat is a little too far ahead and would be better pulled back slightly as if heading toward the pot of gold. I like the nice blues, and the bolder colors in the rainbow.   Posted: 04/07/2021 16:28:35


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