Bob Benson, FPSA, EPSA  

Zebras and Newborn by Bob Benson, FPSA, EPSA

January 2021 - Zebras and Newborn

January 2021 - Bob Benson, FPSA, EPSA


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This was from the safari almost a year ago now. (One of few bright spots from last year, BP-Before Pandemic.) Adjustments were all in LR, including tonal adjustments and highlight reduction before cropping. I was struck by the balance of the three adults versus the infant. ISO 3200, 1/500 sec at f13, 240 mm

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Belinda Hudnall Keller   Belinda Hudnall Keller
This is a wonderful shot. I don't see how it could be better. It's as if you are within a few feet of them. I was not aware that Zebras had any brown in their fur. You picked up great details. Love the typical distracted youth!
  Posted: 01/02/2021 20:33:43

Anges van der Logt   Anges van der Logt
This is a great image! Good composition, point of interest and patterns. If I was asked though how to improve this image even more, I would do some edits to it, but you do not have to agree with me, because I think that is my personal taste and search for perfection ;)

I feel that the small area of ground near the pool at the bottom of the frame is giving some tension, I would either crop it out all together or add more to this area (which probably would have to be done at time of the shoot). With that, if at all possible, if you could have gone just a bit closer to the animals, you might have been able to capture a more complete reflection of the animals in the pond (which is always nice, and in my opinion would give the image a more artistic feel as well).

Also I noticed that the most left hand side adult of the group seems to have a bit of grass on his back, which you might be able to easily clone out with the cloning tool or a heal brush in PS.

Lastly, I find that the top of the image is a bit too textured, but that can also be my screen or because of the lower res image. If you gave it more texture or sharpness, I think you would be better off by toning it down a bit, so it does not ask too much attention.

Hope you are ok with my comments above. Would love to go on a safari like this some time (after the pandemic)! Great image!   Posted: 01/04/2021 00:01:19
Bob Benson   Bob Benson
I may try some of those edits for a general pictorial. However, so far I have only entered this as a Nature image, and none of those edits are allowed in that category. I too wish that I could have gotten closer for a better perspective on the water reflection, but on safari, you go where the vehicle goes.   Posted: 01/04/2021 09:43:28
Anges van der Logt   Anges van der Logt
Never entered in the Nature Division, so not aware of the rules in this Division.. sorry for the confusion..   Posted: 01/04/2021 17:05:29

Mervyn Hurwitz   Mervyn Hurwitz
I love the interaction between the 2 central Zebra. To me this accentuates the nature story strength of the picture. Therefore I find the young foal on the left to be a distraction that draws my eye away from the main action. The foal is also brighter (lighter) than the rest of the image which adds to the distraction, so I would crop it out. Cropping is acceptable in the Nature division. This would leave 3 subjects, and an odd number is always preferable.   Posted: 01/04/2021 14:16:51

Tony Au Yeong   Tony Au Yeong
I think you have improved the composition when compared with your original image. The zebras are the subjects and the infant adds another element of interest. I like the reflection from the river as well.   Posted: 01/06/2021 09:01:57

Jose Cartas   Jose Cartas
It's interesting how you have three big zebras on the right and just one little zebra on the left, but the image looks quite balanced anyway. Maybe it's because the little zebra is looking at you, while the other three have their heads down. The adjustments enhanced the original and are very natural. I like the reflections in the water. No need to change anything.   Posted: 01/07/2021 20:17:37


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