Abe Chen  

The Heart of Hibiscus by Abe Chen

September 2020 - The Heart of Hibiscus

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My neighbor has this lovely hibiscus plant that blooms every summer and they allow me to photo them. I made this photo in the Summer 2018. The main subject are the stamen-stigma and the color, shape and pattern of flower. The image was taken with a Nikon D300 fitted with the micro Nikkor105 mm f2.8 lens, on tripod. The camera settings were 105mm, f/16, 1/200sec, EV-2 step at ISO-640.

In post processing, LR and photoshop CS4 were used to edit the image.

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Ruth Holt   Ruth Holt
Good sharp image with strong colors. Being able to see the wings of the bee is a plus.   Posted: 09/14/2020 09:48:01

Beverly Caine   Beverly Caine
(Groups 48 & 80)
Visiting from 48 & 80
The members of this group must have telepathy with all the flowers this month - How nice.
This is a wonderful image. The capture of the center of the hibiscus with some of the yellow seeds spread across the image is right on, tack sharp, and an extremely attractive image.

Well done   Posted: 09/16/2020 11:13:07

Bill Provost   Bill Provost
Again I can't think of anything you could do to make this a better shot. The colors of the pedals is very pleasing and lead the eye to the visitor. The stamen (?) where the insect is located is spot on. I really like the location of bee. I could go on and on. Thanks for a very nice image to view.   Posted: 09/16/2020 14:16:18

Audrey Waitkus   Audrey Waitkus
I couldn't say it better than the earlier comments. I especially like the way you limited yourself to the center of the flower, keeping the beautiful colors, but focusing on the pollen structure and bee.   Posted: 09/16/2020 15:48:06

Bob Laster   Bob Laster
Great composition, wonderful colors and detail. Also Nature in action with the flower and bee. Congratulations!   Posted: 09/18/2020 13:25:56

Eric Schweitzer   Eric Schweitzer
Wow, a great image. The colors and composition are spot on, and the sharpness is good. I would not change anything.   Posted: 09/22/2020 09:09:36

Darin Hlavinka   Darin Hlavinka
Great capture, you must have been there for a while to get the
subject just in the right spot to complete this image. This may also work as a Black and White image (grey border added to bring the eyes back into the middle). I also used Adobe Camera Raw to increase the exposure and shadows for the bee and increased highlights around the outer edges.   Posted: 09/22/2020 16:10:57
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