Albert Zabin  

Land of the Trolls by Albert Zabin

April 2021 - Land of the Trolls

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Taken in the Land Of The Troles just off the mountain highway near Alsond, Norway. Taken hand held with Nikon D800m Nikon 24-120mm lens at 24mm, f/4, aperture priority, 1/ 1000 sec, ISO 1000. Developed in ON1 and PS (de-fringing). Increased contrast, slight increase of saturation. I wanted to keep the dark, mysterious and somewhat ominous feeling of the territory. Tasteful sharpening and surprisingly little denoting finished the development.

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Jim Horn   Jim Horn
Albert, you did keep it dark, mysterious and ominous - as if Bilbo Baggins is weary on the way to Mordor. I have never been to Norway, and not on a gloomy day. The colors do seem altered from what is natural. It would help if you shared the original so we can see what alterations you made.
I think you did what you set out to do. The foreground seems to be grainy and noisy. What ISO did you use? Jim   Posted: 04/04/2021 09:59:11

Thorro Jones   Thorro Jones
Albert what a wonderful landscape to photograph. I love the clouds hanging on the mountain and variety of colors in the landscape. I do not see a strong subject in this photo, therefore to me it's the wonderful colors flowing throughout the photo. To create the ominous feeling you were going for and to emphasis the colors of the native plants, I would have sharpened the clouds in the sky and lighten the landscape. Let me know what you think of the edited photo.   Posted: 04/05/2021 12:30:50
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John Tabaczynski   John Tabaczynski
Albert, This is an interesting landscape. I think your composition is just right for this situation. I would imagine there are many scenes to be captured in this particular area. You have preserved that dark moodiness, but in doing so makes the image less interesting to me. Thoro's version gives the mountain some much needed depth which I like (ie separation of the layers), but makes things too bright thus sacrificing the mood you wish to portray. It also brings out what appears to be noise and makes the image too harsh. The water in your version is a bit too dull and Thoro makes it maybe a bit too bright. I think to do this image justiceI would create about 5 layer masks on the major mountain and adjust each one separately. The water would get its own layer mask, as would the sky, as well as the distant mountains. It's what Ansel Adams would do and it would come out looking really great. It is a project and it would take me probably a week of playing to bring it off. As Ansel said, "The negative (file) is the score, the print is the performance".

Tab   Posted: 04/09/2021 13:56:14


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