Jim Horn, QPSA  

White Lily in detail by Jim Horn, QPSA

February 2021 - White Lily in detail

February 2021 - Jim Horn, QPSA


February 2021 - Jim Horn, QPSA

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Sony α7RIV, Sony LA-EA5 converter, Tamron 28-75 2.8 macro zoom lens, 1/90 seconds, f/8., EV-1.5, ISO 200, handheld.
This white lily is in Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania, near where I live. The angle of ambient light high-lighted these amazing structures around the pistil, stamens and center of the flower. In shooting white I lowered the EV three half steps to capture the shadows and have no blown-out whites in the flower. I used ISO 200 because it was handheld. In Photoshop, Camera Raw filter I used camera distortion correction and then adjusted exposure high-lights, shadows, increased texture and details. I selectively sharpened the pistil, and the stamens, adding clarity to define the structures. I did use the clone tool to clear up some artifacts around the head of the pistil. I like how some veins in the petals are light and veins on other petals are dark. Then, put this through NIK filter, Silver Effex Pro 2 and used B&W High Structure (smooth).
I look forward hearing your comments, especially on the exposure and how much cropping I did from the original.

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Thorro Jones   Thorro Jones
Jim I think lowing EV three half steps to capture the shadows worked well. The details in the pedals are spot on. Your choice of B&W for the finished photo really draws the viewer to the details and texture in the pedals.   Posted: 02/03/2021 13:37:40

John Tabaczynski   John Tabaczynski
Jim, I think this image in BW is a stunner. In color it is not as strong. The textures are outstanding. Composition is just right. This would make a fantastic print. Tab   Posted: 02/08/2021 13:41:23

Albert Zabin   Albert Zabin
Technically this is a masterful print. The tonal balance is excellent, ranging from deep black to bright with just enough detail and texture at each end of the tonal scale. I much preferred the color version. It captured the flower' beauty and the colors are rich, but not over saturated. The black and white is too clinical for my taste. I also preferred the composition of original 2 which captures the the gracefulness of the the flower. The interior of the flower is less interesting than the flower as a whole, in my opinion   Posted: 02/11/2021 14:38:57

Sam Fernando   Sam Fernando
Very good work Jim. Clear details. Uncluttered background. Good composition.

By lowering the EV three half steps, you seem to have bit darkened the pistil and the stamens. Good idea if you can brighten them and show details.   Posted: 02/14/2021 04:32:41

Jim Horn   Jim Horn
Sam, thank you for noticing the darkness of the pistil and stamens. I lowered the original capture by -1.5EV because the in-camera exposure selects the dark green around the flower and would have "blown-out" the whites. I wanted the sharp features in the details of the petals - but forgot to brighten the pistil and stamens. How's this? Jim   Posted: 02/14/2021 09:54:31
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