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August 2020 - Lunch Date

August 2020 - John Tabaczynski


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Image data: Nikon D800, 1/400 @ f/16, ISO 2000; Nikkor 24-85mm, f/2.8-4.0, Macro @ 70 mm
Image taken at the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls, MA on OCT 2017 during a fall foliage expedition. This place is an old trolley bridge that has been converted into an amazing flower garden by the people of the town, and blooms spring through fall. I enjoy doing flower macro shots, and this location about an hour's drive from our home is a rich source for images. This particular image with the magenta, gold, and green color palate, the of the petals, and the two bees was just too good to pass up. The shot was made fairly close up as you can see from the original, but I could not get closer because of my shadow. Fortunately, the bees were so busy and happy that they did not bother me, nor I them. The bridge is heavily planted so there is not enough room for a tripod. Lots of people strolling and sniffing. That is the reason for high shutter/ISO to preserve sharpness. Needed f//16 to get max DoF w/o getting into diffraction effects. Probably shot a couple of hundred pics on the bridge that day. The post processing here is quite minimal. The crop was important to eliminate much of the green yet save enough to complement the flower, and locate the bees just off center. In ACR, pushed the white point up a bit, added clarity 42, and vibrance 20. Did not do any local adjustments. Used NIK Output Sharpener to bring out the detail for print which is hard to maintain for the jpeg. I printed it as a 12x16 matted to 16x20 and it hangs in our home. We can see the pollen grains on the bee hairs.

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Jim Horn   Jim Horn
Tab, I love the swirls of the flower petals around the bees gathering pollen and nectar. I can imagine the bees dancing and buzzing with lots of activity. Your choice of f/16 was very good for increasing the depth of field. Well done.   Posted: 08/04/2020 11:19:10

Laura Lee Bartholomew   Laura Lee Bartholomew
Cropping was a good idea. You might consider adjusting your crop slightly. Although the bees are on a vertical third, they are pretty centered horizontally. Also, to my eye, the green foliage in the background is quite bright. You might want to tone it down.   Posted: 08/04/2020 14:33:50
John Tabaczynski   John Tabaczynski
I think the green darken is a good idea. However, compositionally, I was not shooting for the 1/3 power points. In my comp the bees lie on corner angle bisector lines from the various corners. To me it is a stronger layout. If you check it out with LR tools, both bees are in line with the upper LH bisector, The upper be also lies on the lower LH bisector, and the lower bee is also on the upper RH bisector.   Posted: 08/05/2020 19:21:46
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Thorro Jones   Thorro Jones
John I like the cropping you did to really focus the viewer's eyes on the bees on the flower and not letting them get distracted by the background. Also your choice of f16 was spot on. The details in the bees and flowers is amazing.   Posted: 08/06/2020 15:39:34

Sam Fernando   Sam Fernando
Beautiful photo with vibrant colors and good details. I like your cropping putting the center of the flower around one third of the photo. Well done!   Posted: 08/12/2020 07:22:00


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