Shirley Ward, FPSA, EPSA  

Flooded Fresno River in Madera, CA by Shirley Ward, FPSA, EPSA

March 2023 - Flooded Fresno River in Madera, CA

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With all of the heavy rains we have had recently they have dumped water from the Millerton Dam into the rivers... This one shows water bank to bank in Madera. We are double the rainfall we normally have now....with more rain to come this week and possibly next week also....

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Richard Stauber   Richard Stauber
This is a great photo that clearly shows evidence of the excess rainfall in your part of the country. The river runs brown with soil that's being carried away. I like the composition with all river filling the foreground and both banks converging as you move into the scene. It looks like you were in the middle of the river when the image was shot, on a bridge?   Posted: 03/14/2023 09:38:34

Jill Attaway   Jill Attaway
Hi Shirley - thanks for sharing the image and I love how your composition draws the viewer in especially taking the eye along the current as it flows towards the background. You captured a beautiful sky as well.   Posted: 03/18/2023 15:08:43

Marilyn Ross   Marilyn Ross
excellent capture. I can feel the flow of the water taking me along. great leading lines and sky. Well seen and shot.   Posted: 03/19/2023 20:30:46