Adelet Kegley  

Young Rosella by Adelet Kegley

February 2021 - Young Rosella

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Young Rosella taken with Nikon D600 and Sigma lens 150-600 1/250 at f-11 ISO 5000 FL 300 White bird taken May 27, 2019 at the Rookery/Alligator Farm in St Augustine Many trips to capture the Rosella. they are always sleeping or in difficult locations. I was trying to use a tripod

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Dave Edwards   Dave Edwards
Nice photo that includes a sharp image of the bird and some of the bird's habitat.   Posted: 02/12/2021 08:27:13
Adelet Kegley   Adelet Kegley
thanks Dave I was concerned with background and darkened.   Posted: 02/12/2021 08:52:58

Marilyn Ross   Marilyn Ross
Your trips paid off. Such a pretty bird with good detail. Just wish the bushes didn't cover his face. Good job with darkening the background.   Posted: 02/16/2021 19:28:15
Adelet Kegley   Adelet Kegley
thanks yes you are right about the the bushes in his face. I will try on a slow day to see if I can remove without damaging the image.   Posted: 02/16/2021 21:03:29

Brian Magor   Brian Magor
I suspect it would be difficult and painstaking to remove the foliage from the bird's head, and it would not be allowed in Nature images. You just have to keep going back! Nice image.   Posted: 02/23/2021 09:39:55

Cynthia Briseno   Cynthia Briseno
I really like this image. Its clear and sharp and the colors of pink and green really complement each other. Lovely shot!   Posted: 02/23/2021 12:17:54

Julia Parrish   Julia Parrish
Very nice! These birds are so pretty, but don't you wish they would cooperate when photographing and not hide behind the foliage? Great shot - shooting wildlife is challenging.   Posted: 02/26/2021 12:06:41

Shirley Ward   Shirley Ward
Good capture of the bird. Even though the branches cover the birds face it is still a great and shows a bit of action with the raised wings....   Posted: 02/26/2021 12:18:55

Adelet Kegley   Adelet Kegley
Thanks all for great comments. Yes this was almost perfect. Need to be more patient when photographing birds. Actually a friend who was with me did capture a clear shot and edited beautifully.   Posted: 02/27/2021 08:37:12