Brian Magor, APSA, MPSA  

Vibrant Colours by Brian Magor, APSA, MPSA

March 2020 - Vibrant Colours

About the Image(s)

We spent a couple of days in Seattle before going to the PSA Conference in Spokane. Whilst there we went to the Seattle Centre, where there was this interesting building.
Taken on Olympus OMD EM1 Mark 2 at equivalent to 40mm, 12 to 24 lens = 24 to 48.
Colours popped a little in Phhotoshop

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Giuseppe Ciaccio   Giuseppe Ciaccio
Interesting composition. Love the array of colors. The patchwork of the walls takes me to a fantasy world. Great light.   Posted: 03/07/2020 01:26:23

Dave Edwards   Dave Edwards
Interesting design, an abstract so to speak. The two major colors compliment each other quite while. Vibrant colours, yes I can agree to that.   Posted: 03/09/2020 21:09:56

Marilyn Ross   Marilyn Ross
I agree with Guiseppe and Dave's statement about the amazing array of colors. The blue which is rather pleasing seems to jump out at you. Great composition.   Posted: 03/10/2020 18:49:17

Shirley Ward   Shirley Ward
Very strong colors and strong architectural lines. The vibrant blue compliments the other colors of the building....   Posted: 03/11/2020 15:54:23

Lisa Cirincione   Lisa Cirincione
(Groups 3 & 85)
One of my favorite buildings... I recognized it right away in the thumbnails view. Nice crop of the details. Great colors.   Posted: 03/18/2020 11:00:38

Adelet Kegley   Adelet Kegley
Yes I recognized building also and have many shots. This is a very nice isolation for an Architectural images. I am still working to get one that really works for Architectural detail. I get caught up by the color combinations and miss the structure. very nice.   Posted: 03/18/2020 13:00:29