Brian Magor, APSA, MPSA  

Palouse by Brian Magor, APSA, MPSA

December 2019 - Palouse

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Whilst in the US for the PSA conference, we took a couple of trips to the Palouse area. In October, the harvest is over, and the fields were pretty brown.
Taken with Olympus OMD EM1 Mk 2 with Lumix 35-100mm lens (equivalent to 70-200mm) Taken at 51mm (=102mm), ISO 400. It was not a very bright day, so a great deal of work was done in PS Camera Raw to brighten the image. Some cropping.

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Dave Edwards   Dave Edwards
Neat photo. Lots of patterns from the various fields. A white building and roads provide scale to the image. There were a few shadows while you were up that adds a bit of drama to the scene.   Posted: 12/08/2019 11:27:13

Shirley Ward   Shirley Ward
Even in the fall the lines and colors of the harvest present some very unusual images. Having the green at the bottom of the image really adds contrast to the scene...great shadows, etc.   Posted: 12/08/2019 23:07:28

Sherry Icardi   Sherry Icardi
(Groups 73 & 94)
I love this image. The lines and textures are superb. Reminds me a little of sand dunes shots. I'm curious where were you to get this birds eye view? Can't imagine there are any buildings in that kind of farm land that would give you that view. Don't know much about Palouse but will have to look it up. Nicely done!   Posted: 12/10/2019 13:03:21
Brian Magor   Brian Magor
The view was taken from Steptoe Butte.   Posted: 12/30/2019 15:06:25

Marilyn Ross   Marilyn Ross
I also love this image - the different shades, the patterns, the white house. Well seen.   Posted: 12/21/2019 18:04:32

Adelet Kegley   Adelet Kegley
love the textures and golden shades of colors. Have seen other images of the Palouse valley by photographers and always was intrigued to go visit. I googled the location and was surprised to see that it is only two and a half hour drive from my bothers home in Kennewick WA. Definitely colors change with the seasons. very nice photo.   Posted: 12/31/2019 22:57:13