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March 2023 - Inspiration

March 2023 - Kaylyn Franks


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Please find a thumbnail of three originals and the final photo of Inspiration taken near Baker Creek in Blaine County, Idaho. A little history behind this image. In the early 2000s a friend and I did numerous day hikes to fly fish in the alpine lakes. Afterwards we always stopped at the Thomas Mangelsen Gallery in Ketchum, Idaho. I was in awe of a 36x94 framed panorama of the fall colors taken somewhere in the valley. It cost $4,000!!! I told myself I can re-create that image for much less. I was inspired to find and photograph that same image. Fast forward 20 years and many more thousands of dollars I finally found the location.

I used my Canon EOS R5, Canon 24-105, mounted on Really Right Stuff pano gear and tripod. ISO 100, 24mm, f/16, 1/60 sec. I merged in LR, basic edits in LR, cleanup in PS, added a slight glow (masked the sky), free hand vignette & sharpened. Then sent it to Color Efex Pro 4 to adjust midtones.

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Mike Patterson   Mike Patterson
Great photographers work alike! I want to overlay your use of a tripod with Joe's comments about his using a tripod. In both instances, you and Joe have created extremely sharp images. You've done a great job of combining the images. It's a pretty landscape, especially when it doesn't cost $4,000!   Posted: 03/07/2023 09:54:24

Peggy Reeder   Peggy Reeder
This is just gorgeous Kaylyn. I admire your persistence in trying to recreate an image that you saw long ago. You have succeeded! I have never attempted a panorama, but this definitely gives me inspiration!   Posted: 03/07/2023 14:11:29

Joseph J Zaia   Joseph J Zaia
As already noted, you have created a beautiful panorama and one worth to print. However, two points you may want to consider. One, I would tone down a bit the brightness and pump up a bit the colors in the trees. Two, the clouds are a bit overpowering, perhaps you can reduce them a bit and crop down some. In other words, try to keep the eye more on the mountains and trees, than the clouds.   Posted: 03/08/2023 19:03:59

Jerry Biddlecom   Jerry Biddlecom
A complicated process, and it turned out really well. I'm of two minds as regards the sky -- Joe has a point about cropping down a bit, on the other hand, if I'm not mistaken, that part of the west is known as big sky country, so maybe the composition portrays that. You have a nice rule of thirds presentation with the sky, the mountains and the flat grassland. Beautifully done! I wonder how that would look on glossy paper?   Posted: 03/11/2023 18:44:26

Kaylyn Franks   Kaylyn Franks
I have a love affair with clouds, which is a big reason I left them big and bold. We have big sky's, but not as big as Montana. I am a strong proponent of using a tripod and use one 75% of the time.   Posted: 03/20/2023 09:34:32

Marti Buckely   Marti Buckely
Beautiful shot. I'm going to agree with Kaylyn about the clouds. I feel they are part of the overall beauty of this image. I took a little of the brightness down and added a little saturation. Hope it isn't too much.   Posted: 03/20/2023 17:14:50
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