Joseph J Zaia, FPSA, ASIIPC, FMC  

Old Man by Joseph J Zaia, FPSA, ASIIPC, FMC

February 2021 - Old Man

February 2021 - Joseph J Zaia, FPSA, ASIIPC, FMC


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One of my photography interests has been of spotting faces (or similar things) on rocks or trees, etc. Spotting this Old Man’s sad face was easy in the Dolomite mountains of the Italian Alps. Apart from the eyes, is the nose, a bit of mouth and even some grey hair. I wanted the face to stand out a bit so I warmed it some and sharpened it. I then toned down the surrounding areas, as well as the top right corner.

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Jerry Biddlecom   Jerry Biddlecom
I think that's exactly how I would look if I was exposed for eons to the harsh weather that "he" must face (can you call a rock "he?"). Now that I think about it, that's kind of how I look sometimes first thing in the morning. Interesting and creative capture, but not real easy to spot. Slate blue and sand colors work well. You certainly have your artistic eye wide open and your imagination is working overtime!   Posted: 02/06/2021 16:56:08

Marti Buckely   Marti Buckely
Interesting. How come he's frowning? :) It appears to me that it might be a little oversharpened but otherwise a good capture.   Posted: 02/06/2021 17:33:06

Peggy Reeder   Peggy Reeder
I never, ever would have spotted this! You have trained your eyes well Joe! Very interesting and nicely finished.
  Posted: 02/09/2021 14:09:41

Jerry Biddlecom   Jerry Biddlecom
Since we're exploring the Rorschach side of photography, I just noticed a horse's head as well.   Posted: 02/10/2021 08:40:01

Jerry Biddlecom   Jerry Biddlecom
  Posted: 02/10/2021 08:42:17
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Marti Buckely   Marti Buckely
Nice catch! I see it. Also - maybe the sail of a sailboat on the right?   Posted: 02/10/2021 20:06:53

Kaylyn Franks   Kaylyn Franks
Finding art in nature is so fun. The affects you have used work well. I don't find it to be too sharp. I suggest darkening the upper left corner to help draw the eye to the subject.   Posted: 02/15/2021 08:43:14


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