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Viscaya Pond by Jerry Biddlecom

January 2020 - Viscaya Pond

January 2020 - Jerry Biddlecom


About the Image(s)

There’s a formal garden and museum in southern Miami that some of you may
be familiar with called Vizcaya Gardens and is situated on the site of an old
estate built by James Deering (of the tractor and farm implement company)
and is the closest thing we down here have to Xanadu of Citizen Kane fame. As
you might imagine this place is a Mecca for photographers and in fact these
pics are from a field trip that was taken by my camera club a few months ago.
I saw an interesting pattern and color combination, and also had the lighting
of a mostly overcast day giving off a soft box effect. I got rid of the dark areas
and played around with the color balance and saturation, as well as using On1
special effects 8 to add contrast and sharpness. I added some vignetting to
bring out the center of the composition, and was pleased with all the various
shades of dark slate blue, which set off the yellows.

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Marti Buckely   Marti Buckely
I know you worked hard on this one however, to me, it seems like a "record shot". I'm finding difficulty in focusing on one subject as the pads go every which way. I think perhaps this one would be a good candidate for techniques like Peggy used - something abstract or "arty".   Posted: 01/12/2020 18:27:09


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