Phillipa Frederiksen, EFIAP MAPS SSAPS  

Untitled: Maybe Waterfall by Phillipa Frederiksen, EFIAP MAPS SSAPS

November 2019 - Untitled: Maybe Waterfall

November 2019 - Phillipa Frederiksen, EFIAP MAPS SSAPS

Original 1

November 2019 - Phillipa Frederiksen, EFIAP MAPS SSAPS

Original 2

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I took photos of the water as it moved, in our Spa with my iPhone.
I then coloured the images in the iPhone app. iColorama (some are red and purple etc).
I have printed some on paper and had some printed on a translucent media, but this lot has been printed onto chiffon at a factory that specialises in fabric printing.
It took me most of the last 6 months to solve the problem of how to make the wave self supporting. I have a smaller example on which I experimented using all sorts of glues.
In the end I had to insert a fine metal mesh, covering it on the inside with more fabric. I used stitches and more glue that I managed to get on the internet.
I call the sculpture “Wave” and I tell people it is photography extended!

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Joan Field   Joan Field
What a lot of work and a creative idea!
I think it would be even better if you had cropped out all of the outsides so it looked more like a real waterfall, but what a job you did! I also cloned in "water" so that the black stand doesn't show.
I am including my version for your thoughts
  Posted: 11/04/2019 15:00:12
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Phillipa Frederiksen   Phillipa Frederiksen
Thanks Joan! I guess this is the Work in Progress version as the version for the book I'm making has a black background! It is called "Wave"!   Posted: 11/05/2019 01:56:32

Brian Swinyard   Brian Swinyard
Phillipa, Clearly, this has been a labour of love for you, having taken six months to resolve the problems of supporting the wave sculpture. Visually, I like the idea of a conical shell resting precariously at the top of a waterfall which adds to the overall dynamic of the picture. I like Joan's version where the surrounding distractions have been cropped out. There are some lovely shapes, patterns and textures in the waterfall.   Posted: 11/08/2019 04:09:59

Steve Wessing   Steve Wessing
An excellent effort. The shadow/silhouette might benefit from a small led inside to highlight the fabric.   Posted: 11/29/2019 13:57:21