Shirley Ward, FPSA, EPSA  

Carrots & Driftwood by Shirley Ward, FPSA, EPSA

February 2021 - Carrots & Driftwood

February 2021 - Shirley Ward, FPSA, EPSA


February 2021 - Shirley Ward, FPSA, EPSA

Original 2

About the Image(s)

When I was still working as a volunteer for our local food bank, we would sometimes get veggies and fruits that were deformed and not suitable for the super markets.....This image of some deformed carrots was arranged with a piece of driftwood, and then put into Elements Poster Edge for a creative background.....I also darkened the corners a bit to highlight the carrots more.....then added a nice border.

"Original 2" is my submission of Aug. 2020. You may wish to compare and comment on the 2 different compositions.

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Jerry Funk   Jerry Funk
If I hadn't seen "original 2", i would praise this image. But I appreciate #2 much more because of the composition, especially the drift wood. I also prefer the less detailed background and the vignette. Two fine pictures.   Posted: 02/07/2021 12:35:34

Pat Couder   Pat Couder
Makes me mad to think wonky veg isnt suitable for sale. Ridiculous but thank goodness it doesnt get thrown away. An interesting image, carrots against wood. I think I prefer original 2 because its simpler   Posted: 02/17/2021 10:58:16


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