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August 2020 - PHOTO POPS

August 2020 - Fred Giese


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Concept: To create a cereal designed for Photographers.

(Just a fun thought for when you have too much time on your hands;})

1. Start by photographing all the various cameras, lenses and other elements you are going to use to make the final image.

2. After making all the normal adjustments in camera raw, bring into Photoshop and convert the images into PNGs.

3. Starting with the image of the box, using the line tool, frame the outside dimensions.

4. Using the color picker, select the color you want to use. Then fill the area using brush or paint bucket.

5. Using the Text Tool, place the name on the box, and using Free Transform adjust the angle of the text box, as necessary. (This process was the same for all text used)

6. Using the Move Tool, position the various images unto the box. At the same time, sizing them to fit where you want them placed.

7. A fader brush was used to create the “glow” around the flash.

8. A specialty 35mm film strip brush was used for the heading.

9. After the bowl was in place, I took the various “pieces of cereal” and with the move tool and free transform shrunk them down to size and placed them within the bowl.(Approx. 15 pieces, just enough to fill the center of the bowl)

10. At the same time I placed the shapes on the side of the box.

11. The pouring milk and the splashes were created with specialty brushes

Disclaimer: This cereal, though recommended by Pros, has not, nor most definitely will never be recognized or endorsed by the PSA or any of its affiliates.

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Shirley Ward   Shirley Ward
All I can say is that it was well thought out and then all the items placed to their best advantage...good idea...not something that I would try to do, but it works for you...   Posted: 08/01/2020 18:24:27

Nellie Bretherick   Nellie Bretherick
What a great sense of humor you have! Your entry almost makes me want to rush out and buy that cereal - but Covid19 made me think twice. No unnecessary trips outside one's house!

Great effort!!   Posted: 08/04/2020 14:54:47


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