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Sidewalk Pattern by Jerry Funk

August 2020 - Sidewalk Pattern

August 2020 - Jerry Funk


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I'm always amazed by the colors that can be revealed and modified by opening underexposed areas using Adobe Camera RAW, in this case Lightroom 6. The final image was made in an old version of Photoshop. The camera was a Nikon D810 set for 14 bit RAW capture.
The location was a sidewalk in one of the few shaded areas of the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, AZ.

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Fred Giese   Fred Giese
Nice colorful orb. But you lie...there is no shade in Phoenix.   Posted: 08/01/2020 14:47:30
Jerry Funk   Jerry Funk
See below.
  Posted: 08/01/2020 14:59:28

Jerry Funk   Jerry Funk
There are a few trees in Phoenix and quite a few in some areas of the Gardens. So, I find it interesting to observe and study the patterns. Actually, I just found another bit of dappled light, but it was in Brigham, UT. You can see that on the Aug. DDG 64 page when it's posted.

I failed to mention that the posted original is the result of having first applied a Topaz Studio 2 filter of some kind while experimenting and trying to learn it.   Posted: 08/01/2020 14:59:08

Shirley Ward   Shirley Ward
Well done...I would never have known what the colors were had you not told us...These creative techniques can be quite interesting when there is a lot of color...I have done a lot of the "circles" and might put one in next month...   Posted: 08/01/2020 18:35:16
Jerry Funk   Jerry Funk
I'm looking forward to seeing your circle. I recently resumed doing them after first starting about 10 years ago. I have also done other variations using the distort command.
My initial incentive was trading 3'x3' prints on aluminum for extensive dental services. Before that I wasn't what I consider a serious photographer. The dentist eventually sold 2 of his prints for $1000 each rather than leave them in the offices when he sold the practice. I am proud to say I eventually received $70,000 in services and 1/2 of the cash sale all without any written agreement.   Posted: 08/01/2020 18:55:09

Nellie Bretherick   Nellie Bretherick
Your Sidewalk Pattern has amazingly beautiful colors. They look almost iridescent. I find it mesmerizing and could spend hours just looking at it. I think this is your best one yet.   Posted: 08/02/2020 10:44:40
Jerry Funk   Jerry Funk
See below.   Posted: 08/02/2020 12:56:19

Jerry Funk   Jerry Funk
If my wife agrees, I'll print it 3'x3' on glossy aluminum along with another iridescent blue globe that I created.   Posted: 08/02/2020 12:55:57


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