Jerry Funk  

Another World by Jerry Funk

January 2020 - Another World

January 2020 - Jerry Funk


About the Image(s)

I was struck by the bald mannequins in an exhibit in the Phoenix Art Museum. I think I used Topaz Glow to express how I felt bout it.

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Pat Couder   Pat Couder
What a change! So much more interesting. Looks futuristic and in another world. I would take out the blue and green from the dress on the right to match the others?   Posted: 01/03/2020 05:29:08
Jerry Funk   Jerry Funk
Yes, looking at it again, those certainly are distractions. I'll work on it.   Posted: 01/04/2020 06:40:01

Nellie Bretherick   Nellie Bretherick
By using Topaz Glow filter your mannequins have gone from looking like faded ladies to very impressive women to be reckoned with.   Posted: 01/09/2020 12:36:22
Jerry Funk   Jerry Funk
That's an interesting viewpoint that I hadn't considered.   Posted: 01/09/2020 12:49:55

Shirley Ward   Shirley Ward
From a rather bland image to a WOW!!!! like what you have done with it...however, I feel the colors are a bit too strong... just my opinion...and, I would tone down the green parts on the gals' dress on the right.   Posted: 01/18/2020 00:20:58

Fred Giese   Fred Giese
It's strange, at first I did not like this image. But the more I look at it the more it grows on me. The choice of red really made it Pop and bring it life. It almost looks 3 dimensional. I agree with Pat about toniong down the blue and green on the right.   Posted: 01/25/2020 19:34:09