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Flood in the Desert! by Nellie Bretherick

November 2019 - Flood in the Desert!

November 2019 - Nellie Bretherick

Original 1

November 2019 - Nellie Bretherick

Original 2

About the Image(s)

The original was an image from a PSA Conference Tour in Tucson, AZ 12 years ago. I'm sorry, I can't remember exactly what I did but I know I played around with Levels and Hue and Saturation to get Original 2.

Then, on Original 2 in Images>Adjustments>Canvas Size I added blank space at the bottom of the image.

Next, with Flaming Pear software I added Flood in the blank area at the bottom to give the impression of a flood in the desert!

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Jerry Funk   Jerry Funk
Your low perspective made the addition of the water work very well. Excellent creative idea!

My suggestion is to add the flood as a layer and slightly overlap the shore line. Then, erase small bits of the water to reveal the uneven natural landscape. The straight water line doesn't work for me.

Tucson is just 2 1/2 hours south from my home, I must go exploring there again sometime soon. The desert SW has many varied photographic opportunities. You found a good one.   Posted: 11/02/2019 23:30:08


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