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Towards Heaven by Norm Solomon

March 2023 - Towards Heaven

About the Image(s)

I made this image while on a spring 2022 tour of Italy. The photo was taken at the basilica in Padua. The intricate art work and vibrant colors of the dome captivated me!
I was part of a group and there were lots of other groups in the space as well so I had to act quickly. I attached my 14-30/F4 and shot on Aperture priority, at F8 to get a bit more depth of field in the image and relied on steady hands to shoot at a relatively low shutter speed. I processed the image in Photoshop with an effort to reduce ISO noise and I also used the Nik software plugin to enhance the colors a bit.

Nikon Z72 14-30/f4 @ 14mm F8 1/20 sec, ISO 6400

Thanks for looking and for any comments.

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Jay Denny   Jay Denny
I like this. on my screen it still has some noise but you've probably done all you can. Did you stand or get on the floor?   Posted: 03/12/2023 10:08:43

Norm Solomon   Norm Solomon
Thanks Jay. I was crouching on the floor...too many people to lie down.   Posted: 03/12/2023 14:27:40

John Hackett   John Hackett
It always pays to look up in these places. Your effort it crouching down has paid off with a nice composition and picture of the stunning art and architecture.   Posted: 03/17/2023 05:45:07

Harriet Ciccone
Norm - very steady hands. I do not detect any noise and if it were my image, maybe I would add noise to give the feeling of film. Very well done.
  Posted: 03/21/2023 06:57:23

Bernie Groome   Bernie Groome
Wow Norm. Your image really make me feel like I was there. I really like the depth of field you captured.   Posted: 03/31/2023 15:01:45

Norm Solomon   Norm Solomon
Thanks John, Harriet and Bernie. I appreciate your kind comments. Travel photography is fun but sometimes challenging. norm   Posted: 03/31/2023 15:08:27