John Kain  

Hibiscus by John Kain

June 2020 - Hibiscus

June 2020 - John Kain


About the Image(s)

The original photo is of my Fire Hibiscus. After making tone and color enhancements in Lightroom, I used a software application to create the fire look around the flower. I cropped the image square and created a border with a fine line of the same color as the image. The software app I used is called Smart Photo Editor 1. It is a beta version of different graphic representations, done by graphic designers, that you apply to your photos. I have created several designs used in the app. You can pick a design and manipulate the sliders to get the look you want.

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Mike Cowdrey   Mike Cowdrey
A super image. I like the diffused borders that you have given
to the flower and the subtle colouration. It is all finished off artistically with a good frame.   Posted: 06/03/2020 02:12:55
John Kain
Thanks Mike. This was a fun image to create.   Posted: 06/08/2020 10:56:29

Mark Southard   Mark Southard
Just one very appealing creation. Love the colors and the creative paintwork. I could see this printed VERY large !!   Posted: 06/08/2020 15:47:09
John Kain
Thank you Mark. I was negotiating to have this hang in a local gallery. Unfortunately all the galleries are closed because of the pandemic. One of the things we were discussing was the what size to hang.   Posted: 06/08/2020 22:04:31

Ian Ledgard   Ian Ledgard
A very subtle piece of work. The textue you have used on the background is particulary effective. I would consider cloning our those small green areas especially the one on the left hand side which rather jars the eye.   Posted: 06/16/2020 14:37:48
John Kain
Thanks Ian. I did this last year and have actually sold a couple of prints on my Fine Art site and after all this time, I never noticed the gree spot on the left. Now I see it every time I look at it!   Posted: 06/16/2020 16:25:15

Jim Hagan   Jim Hagan
Very nice, very creative - no suggestions.   Posted: 06/20/2020 06:06:45
John Kain
Thank You Jim   Posted: 06/20/2020 10:32:34

Andrew Hersom   Andrew Hersom
Nice effect which works well. I find the big borders a bit OTT, it looks more like suiting a very nice greetings card than a painting but that's me.

Where are you from, John? I don't see a bio for you yet.   Posted: 06/25/2020 09:50:34
John Kain
Thanks for the comment Andrew. This was actually created for a poster for a local flower show in 2019. I removed the bottom section of the poster and included the image in my fine art print collection. The larger border was used in lieu of matting when framed.
Though I have lived in many states in the USA and several countries in the world, I currently reside in San Antonio Texas. Before I retired from working for the Air Force, my last job brought me to San Antonio and I decided to stay here.   Posted: 06/26/2020 08:51:26