Mark Southard, FPSA  

Bulb by Mark Southard, FPSA

January 2020 - Bulb

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Decided to have a little fun with a rubber band, and paper clips...........

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Mike Cowdrey   Mike Cowdrey
Yes, well thought out, and cleverly shot. I like the texture of the background against the main image. Simple, but fun!   Posted: 01/03/2020 04:57:14

Angela Bonner   Angela Bonner
(Group 81)
Why can't I think of things like that?!! Simple but very effective, well done!!   Posted: 01/08/2020 10:01:38

That is a cool idea, Mark. I didn't realise it was a rubber band until I read your comments. well done   Posted: 01/13/2020 09:35:19

Ian Ledgard   Ian Ledgard
Amazing what you can achieve with just simple props and good imagination. My only suggestion would be for you to flip one of the three siler paper clips so they do not all face in the same direction.   Posted: 01/14/2020 10:18:27

Mark Southard   Mark Southard
You make a good point /__ I'll give it a try   Posted: 01/14/2020 13:04:33

Andrew Hersom   Andrew Hersom
yes novel idea, like the starburst effect too   Posted: 01/21/2020 05:59:04

Jim Hagan   Jim Hagan
I like the image - bright idea!   Posted: 01/29/2020 15:33:39