Peter Elliston  

Carving by Peter Elliston

November 2019 - Carving

About the Image(s)

This close-up was taken at a recent nearby event to celebrate the apple harvest and a local craftsman was demonstrating his skills at making implements out of odd bits of wood. He was very quick with his very sharp knife! The image tries to convey his skill and the textures of the wood, his hands and the sharpness of the knife. Technical details: Taken on Fuji XT1 with 18-55mm lens 1/500 @ f4 ISO 400

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Dick Perkins   Dick Perkins
Splendid human study. Can't wait to see what he ultimately creates. Incredible detail.   Posted: 11/06/2019 15:44:56

Sheldon Wecker   Sheldon Wecker
Great detail, well toned. I like the composition.   Posted: 11/10/2019 20:57:10

Joe Kennedy   Joe Kennedy
Nailed this one, Peter! You captured all that is important to tell the story - the carved wood, the knife, and the time-worn hands. I especially liked the look of his hands - they speak volumes of his experience. Detail in the carved wood adds to the story line as well. The neutral colored clothing allows the main focus to remain on the business at hand - pun intended.   Posted: 11/11/2019 10:51:32

Glenn Rudd   Glenn Rudd
Excellent story-telling with everything sharp in the frame. Did he pose or did you just stop the action with fast shutter speed? This is worthy of entering in competition.   Posted: 11/13/2019 15:34:27

Peter Elliston   Peter Elliston
Thanks for all the positive comments. The wood carver was in full flow, so it was a sharp shutter speed that froze the action. And, this is entered in my club's Open Competition this month, so let's see if the judge likes it as much as the group!!   Posted: 11/14/2019 03:27:42

John Hackett   John Hackett
Very simple but it tells a story. The time worn hands working away at the wood in a time old fashion. Well composed and sharp in all the right places.   Posted: 11/14/2019 04:00:52