Kathleen Sims, APSA  

Climbing to Safety by Kathleen Sims, APSA

February 2021 - Climbing to Safety

February 2021 - Kathleen Sims, APSA


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For the past week Chicago has been snowed in. I have 11 inches of base snow and daily dusting of 2 or more inches. My Internet is still down so I can not use my laptop for Photo Shop for resizing and more detailed post processing. Using my I-phone crop and some adjustments.

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Dr V G Mohanan Nair   Dr V G Mohanan Nair
A nice nature shot. The image is sharp. I think a little more corrections are needed for this image. The animal is a little dark after post processing. May be a little adjustment of shadows can improve this. Do you have Snapseed software in your mobile? If not use it for editing the mobile images in mobile itself.   Posted: 02/20/2021 00:30:23
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Walter Naumann   Walter Naumann
There is a Photoshop Express for iPhones with highlights and shadows adjustments. The image could use some shadows brightening. Otherwise a great photo.   Posted: 02/20/2021 09:27:23

Joan Funk   Joan Funk
You got a wonderful photo of the bear. He looks afraid and elicits sympathy. As Mohanan showed, lightening the shadows in your crop will make a big difference. And now you know 2 mobile editing programs you can use. Although the background is lovely, I would crop to put the bear more on one side or the other, rather than so close to the center. The "rule" of thirds is just a suggestion, but it generally makes a composition much more pleasing.   Posted: 02/20/2021 11:42:03
Kathleen Sims   Kathleen Sims
Yes I have Snapseed so I will give it a try next month.

Thanks for all the input.   Posted: 02/20/2021 12:45:46

Terry Campanella   Terry Campanella
Kathleen, love the fact that this little guy, like many of us, is hanging on for dear life! I do think the shadow adjustments suggested really enhance this image. I could not help resist changing the clop and blurring the background a bit. To me, it helps give us some perspective on the size/ elements of the world he is dealing with.   Posted: 02/23/2021 15:11:46
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Bogdan Bricelj   Bogdan Bricelj
Cute bear!

It's good enough image for mobile. Perhaps there was some zoom and not very good light. So the mobile has also increased it's ISO and lost some sharpness.
  Posted: 02/24/2021 15:19:21


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