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Ginko Grove in Motion by Bob Legg

November 2020 - Ginko Grove in Motion

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Hi Joan, here is my submission for November. Title is “Ginkgo Grove Motion”. This image was taken last week at the Virginia Arboretum. They have a several acre grove of Ginkgo trees that were planted back in the 1980’s. Ginkgo’s are an unusual species tree, native to China, that has bright yellow “fan shaped” leaves. Many of the leaves had fallen prior to our visit, but many remained in the tree. The bark of the trees is very rough. I tried many compositions and techniques. I picked out for your review this version where, ICM, I moved my camera up and down while holding down the shutter. It’s type of photo where you aren’t going to predict the result. I am unable to tell you whether this exposure was taken on the way up or way down but ¼ sec goes by pretty quick regardless. Exposure info: ISO 50, 78mm on my 28-300 Nikon, F29, at ¼ sec.
Image processed in LrC, using basic tools. The white/blue streaks were from openings in the trees to the sky. I look forward to your comments.

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Kirsti Näntö-Salonen   Kirsti Näntö-Salonen
Bob, this is absolutely beautiful! I love the pools of golden light on the ground and the light coming through the leaves in the background. The composition with the thicker trunks in the front gives a feeling that the forest continues forever. The motion of the camera is just right so that the leaves on the ground do not get blurred. I got an urge to rotate the image just a tiniest bit anti-clockwise?   Posted: 11/15/2020 13:35:40

Bob Legg   Bob Legg
Thanks Kirsti for the positive comments. I agree with that minor adjustment that I had missed, although it depends on which tree you choose to be the straightest. There's no easy way to determine.   Posted: 11/16/2020 14:38:51

Jeri Conklin   Jeri Conklin
Bob, love this image in a strange way. I see your bottom motion as if the trunks are in water :-) One of those photos that you could imagine in many different scenarios. Beautiful color!   Posted: 11/18/2020 12:22:49

Bob Legg   Bob Legg
Thanks Jeri. You aren't the only one to think about the tree trunks in water. Even my wife you stood next to me while I was moving the camera all around remarked that it look like trees in water when she saw the image. I love it for exactly that mystery feature.   Posted: 11/21/2020 19:10:53

Joan Field   Joan Field
The colors are really beautiful. I love that there is a bright yellow foreground area that matches the light at the top of the trees. When I was in college I lived in a dorm that had ginkgo trees outside. We loved the trees but not the smell. Crushed seed pods were pretty stinky. Your forest is lovely and I wish I had it for an idea I have of putting animals between the trees. The up and down motions has become famous for the Canadian photographers, Freeman Patterson, Richard Martin, Stephen Patterson (no relation to Freeman), and Andre Gallant.
You carried out the upend down motion perfectly.
  Posted: 11/25/2020 14:21:54
Bob Legg   Bob Legg
Thanks Joan. Yes, I have seen shows and webinars from Freeman and Andre. I don't often use it, but this grove of equally spaced Ginkgo trees and consistent colors brought those images from those iconic photographers to my brain.   Posted: 11/25/2020 15:52:33

Linda Mui   Linda Mui
A beautiful scenery. I also like taking photos with tall trees using the swap method for an abstract effect. I wish I can see more of the tall trees for a more dramatic effect. Nice image Bob!   Posted: 11/25/2020 15:15:41
Bob Legg   Bob Legg
Thanks Linda. These Ginkgo trees are only about 30-40 feet tall and they are pretty sparse at the top. In fact you can see traces of blue from the sky creep into the frame. On images where I went higher the bright blues & whites at the top of the frame we very distracting. I cloned them out, but in the end the images that didn't go up higher were better. Also that would require a longer exposure and I wanted to maintain the tree trunks and yellow streaks in straight lines.   Posted: 11/25/2020 15:59:45