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Redstem Stork's Bill by Darcy Johnson

August 2019 - Redstem Stork's Bill

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This photograph was taken on one of my favorite hikes in the Colorado National Monument near the Colorado/Utah border in late April. I enjoy hiking and seem to photograph whatever's in bloom. The area is considered high desert. I didn't change a lot, mostly lightening and brightening the flower while darkening the background slightly. I did remove a bit of "I don't know what" that was distracting to me in the upper left background. The original photo - Canon ISO 100, 19mm, f/4.0, 1/500 sec
Since I paint botanical watercolors as well, I am always interested in more detail about whatever flora/fauna I photographed: The Redstem Stork's Bill (also called a Filaree) is a hairy, sticky annual herb that is somewhat invasive. The flowers come in clusters at the top of a stalk and resemble ornamental geranium flowers. The plant gets its name from the immature fruit which resembles a stork's head and bill (seed pod) The seed pod bursts open in a spiral when ripe sending seeds with feathery parachutes into the air. The entire plant is edible.

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Gregory Waldron   Gregory Waldron

Your composition is spot on and I like the softness of the colors. A very nice image.   Posted: 08/06/2019 19:10:43
Darcy Johnson   Darcy Johnson
Thanks Gregory!   Posted: 08/10/2019 14:57:08

Arun Bagga   Arun Bagga
I like the way you have captured the softness and delicacy of the flowers. I think the image is well adjusted in subtle colors and a blurred background. The square format suits the theme.
Thanks for providing details and the habitat of the Redstem Stork's Bill   Posted: 08/09/2019 06:28:09
Darcy Johnson   Darcy Johnson
Thanks Arun!   Posted: 08/10/2019 15:03:39

Larry Beller   Larry Beller
I like this image. Your colors and focus are outstanding. The composition is good, but I would like to see it cropped somewhat; you don't need all that space around the flower group, especially when that space is a bit "busy". The biggest (though still very tiny) problem I see is the light-colored background spots in the lower third of the image. These draw my eye from your flowers.   Posted: 08/17/2019 16:03:25
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Darcy Johnson   Darcy Johnson
Thanks for sharing your changes! I see what you mean about cropping further and I think darkening the light colored spots is a nice improvement.   Posted: 08/17/2019 19:42:05

Todd Grivetti   Todd Grivetti
(Group 67)
Hello Darcy,

I am branching out to other groups. I am in Frederick, but grew up in Longmont. I noticed St. Vrain Photography Society in town. May have to consider joining.

Great composition of this group and the colors are brilliant. Your second version almost make the image "posterized" and the darker background does promote the colors of the petals. Nice highlights on the center of the petals as well. Soft feel to the entire image. The close up of the petals and tightness of focus definitely create a nice Bokah to the background.   Posted: 08/27/2019 21:44:49
Darcy Johnson   Darcy Johnson
Hi Todd! Such a small world - Thanks for the lovely comments though the second version I can't take credit for - all Larry's suggestions. He is so good at taking photos to the next level. Hope to see you at a St Vrain Photography Society meeting sometime!

  Posted: 08/29/2019 09:47:03

Syed Shakhawat Kamal   Syed Shakhawat Kamal
Amazing capture Darcy. I agree with Larry here; little cropping would be great to make the flowers and pods more significant in the frame. Great work..   Posted: 08/31/2019 00:50:21
Darcy Johnson   Darcy Johnson
Thanks Syed and welcome to Group 14!   Posted: 08/31/2019 11:03:02