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Turning a Profit by Wendy Stanford

March 2023 - Turning a Profit

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1/125, f4.0, ISO 400

Opportunistic shot of a street vendor at a market whilst I was waiting for food.

I de saturated the image a little, lightened the center to enhance the smoke, added a vignette in an attempt to dull down the background as it was quite distracting.

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Stuart Caine   Stuart Caine
(Group 42)
I like the action in your action image, one cooking and the second person counting the money. To dull the background. I darkened the sides and ,then went into Topaz studio 2, and selected the DeNoise setting, then into Brightness-Contrast. This what I came up with.   Posted: 03/06/2023 14:08:09
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Wendy Stanford   Wendy Stanford
Hi Stuart, thanks for stopping by to comment, your treatment has dulled down the background very well, I'm not sure of the artifacts that have appeared in the middle and the smoke has lost a little of its smokey look, perhaps a little less on the de noise slider would enhance enough .   Posted: 03/16/2023 05:33:31
Steven Wharram   Steven Wharram
I'm afraid that this version does not work for me. The overall soft feel of the image has been lost. Also, the attempt to remove the shelves looks too false as you know that they are there. The figure on the left now stands out from the image too much. Previously, they were 'lost' in the smoke. Finally, I don't think that it needs the white border.
Sorry, just my thoughts.   Posted: 03/22/2023 07:43:10

Timothy Morton   Timothy Morton
I am find the image to be very effective and make me hungry just before I am off to sleep.   Posted: 03/06/2023 20:54:00

Barbara Dunn   Barbara Dunn
The smoke and their attention to their tasks make this image. Good job at spotting an everyday scene and making it interesting.   Posted: 03/13/2023 19:09:58

Paul Swepston   Paul Swepston
Good job of capturing cooks at work. Emphasizing the smoke was a good idea as I almost feel like I can smell what they are grilling. And the money says "we are working not just cooking for our pleasure".   Posted: 03/16/2023 18:19:09

Russell Hunt   Russell Hunt
Excellent capture. Great separation between the subjects. The concentration on both faces really stands out.   Posted: 03/20/2023 21:41:43

Fat Chen   Fat Chen
It is an interesting image.
I like the capture of smoke which provide a smell of food to me!!   Posted: 03/21/2023 04:42:05

Steven Wharram   Steven Wharram
I like the soft feel to this, caused mainly by the smoke that is billowing off of the grill. It adds to the soft light too.
The background on the left is not distracting as it puts the people in context. I agree about the shelves on the right though but they could have been toned down a little.
Overall though, a great image.   Posted: 03/22/2023 07:39:37


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