Fat Chen, PPSA  

Door by Fat Chen, PPSA

October 2019 - Door

About the Image(s)

(1) Hong Kong is full of high and modern buildings as many people call it a “concrete forest”. However, there are a lot of cultural heritages insert between these buildings.
(2) I used lower angle to take this picture and enhanced the details of this old door by Photoshop.
(3) Finally, resize the image

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Gary Butler   Gary Butler
(Group 88)
For me this picture evokes memories of my time living in China and my many trips for R&R to Hong Kong. It is truly an area of a wide variety of visual delights. I think that you have used a creative eye to get a truly unique image. In my opinion the patina colors, the sharpness and the bits hanging on the door add to the quality of the shot. Nice work.   Posted: 10/07/2019 11:09:21

Timothy Morton   Timothy Morton
The colours of this joy makes me think back to being a child in the early 1970's when this wild colour was noticed while walking all around Cape Cod, MA.

This impressed me a lot, and find the texture with the colours to be very moving and make an excellence photo for a wall along with a suitable desktop / wallpaper for ones monitors.   Posted: 10/08/2019 17:41:11

Barbara Dunn   Barbara Dunn
Such a unique perspective and interesting colors and lines transform an ordinary object into a unique cultural image.   Posted: 10/13/2019 15:21:11

Paul Swepston   Paul Swepston
I feel that there are so many interesting things to look at in this image. On a basic level I love the vertical lines that are moving upwards into a dark empty space. While the locked chain is a good central point I really like the strings and wires that are randomly attached to the doors and it makes me curious as to what they are for. The blue green paint contrasts well with the reddish brown wood color. I like the way the slightly tilted middle two panels give the overall image a 3D effect.   Posted: 10/14/2019 10:29:19


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