Walter Ross  

Christmas by Walter Ross

December 2019 - Christmas

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This was taken when walking past a group of ladies working on Christmas puzzles... This one was just finished after taking them 'quite a long time' to finish. Liked the theme it represented. Took a lot less time with Photoshop I imagine. Resized and sharpened. Left the glare as it seemed to work with the picture. Shot at F2.4 and 1/60th ISO 200 with Nikon 3200.

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Stephen Levitas   Stephen Levitas
(Group 32)
I think Photoshop "skew" would work to straighten out the lines. See my attempt. But also suggest to show the group of ladies to get a personality shot of them smiling around their completed puzzle, sharing the activity and friendship.   Posted: 12/01/2019 18:28:29
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