Walter Ross  

Sun City AZ by Walter Ross

August 2019 - Sun City AZ

About the Image(s)

Morning weather in Sun City. I took the image at iso 200, F/11, 1/125 wlth a 35 mm lens.
In Photoshop I adjusted exposure and resized the image.

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Carole Kropscot   Carole Kropscot
That pretty blue sky certainly says "Sun" City. It looks like your weather is clear and nice. I'm guessing that your city is known for being this lucky on most days. I like the converging paths that lead to the sky. Also like the tree and its shadow and how they add to the composition.   Posted: 08/09/2019 11:53:14

Ally Green   Ally Green
Certainly looks like a nice morning! I like how the flowers on the trees..almost a spring like feel. The 2 paths are great leading lines as Carole says. The puffy clouds add to the dimension of image.   Posted: 08/12/2019 13:33:43

Connie Reinhart   Connie Reinhart
I, too, like the converging diagonals of the side walks. I think the long shadows of the trees add dimension to the scene. You exposed this strongly back-lit scene perfectly. You really do live in a lovely place, Walter. It's interesting that most of us thought only of bad weather. But you realized that a bright sunny day is weather also. I like your interpretation of the subject.   Posted: 08/22/2019 20:03:17
Carole Kropscot   Carole Kropscot
I, too, found it most interesting that most of us thought of BAD weather! Maybe that's human nature?! When I first saw this sunny scene, I thought "Where's the weather?" Then I realized that it was GOOD weather! You gave us the needed variety!   Posted: 08/23/2019 10:58:12


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