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Bee at Work by Allen Tucker

October 2020 - Bee at Work

October 2020 - Allen Tucker

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October 2020 - Allen Tucker

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October 2020 - Allen Tucker

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With most flowers (and gardeners) getting tired at this time of year, fall-blooming crape myrtles get a lot of attention from bees. With a macro lens, image stabilization, auto focus, high ISO, wide aperture, and bracketed fast shutter bursts I chased a group of speeding bees on a bright fall afternoon. Plenty of green leaves, pink and white blossoms, and glowing yellow pollen in my pictures - but in this shot the perfectly posed and focused bee shows up better in monochrome.

Canon EOS R, Tamron 90mm macro, 1/200s. f/5.6, ISO 800. This was the +4/3 exposure shot in the bracket sequence, but Lightroom's exposure and highlights adjustments easily pulled the brightest whites in this camera's RAW file into range. My initial crop left more buds in for color, but they don't contribute to the BW version.

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Jim Hagan   Jim Hagan

What a great shot and what outstanding sharpness! I like the mono image (but original 2 is also great). Since the subject of the photo is the bee I suggest a tighter crop and also a little more contrast.   Posted: 10/11/2020 20:13:25
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